We try to keep our prices flexible; when making a price offer, we take into account the topic as well as the volume of translation/interpretation. We can also include an offer for a maximum price (the length of texts varies somewhat between languages so it makes sense to include an amount that will not be exceeded). Our general price policy is to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement.

Translation prices are based on the number of pages. Due to differences in fonts, font sizes, length of paragraphs, etc., one translation page equals 1800 characters including spaces. If a page has less than 900 characters, it will be counted as half a page.

The prices for conference interpretation are calculated based on the number of hours. The first hour of translation is always counted as a full hour; starting from the second hour, interpretation that lasts for more than 30 minutes is considered a full hour of work.
 In the case of conference interpretation, about a week for preparations would help to increase and ensure quality (you will not be billed for this; allowing time for preparation is just something to bear in mind).